Monday in Geneva, the day everything is closed, except …

I love the idea of being off on Mondays. Like a small extension of the weekend, a bonus time spent with my little girl. When she’ll start school, the rhythms will change. But for the moment, Monday is our day.
Yes except that on Mondays in Geneva, everything is closed! Everything? Noooo! If like me you’re a Monday parent and you’re looking for cool family activities, here are some ideas!

Outdoor activities…
Nature version
– Our beloved Jardin botanique de Genève (Chemin de l’Impératrice 1, 1292 Chambésy-Genève) is open every day of the year and whatever the weather! Plants, animals and fun games: a real breath of fresh air to start the week.
Animal version
– We love to observe our furry friends at the Bois de la Bâtie (Chemin de la Bâtie, 1202 Geneva): it’s an ideal place to spend time watching (usually for hours) them and get to know them. The playground next door is perfect to complete the outing.
Always on the animal side, the Ferme de la Gavotte (Chemin des Verjus 138, 1212 Lancy) is also one of our favorite spots. Goats, donkeys, ponies, hens, woolly pigs and poultry roam freely. Put on your rain boots and let’s go!
Aquatic version
– Impossible not to suggest you to go for a dip in the lake (ok, it’s still a little cold but it’ll come soon) (yes, I swear!) or just enjoy the sun while playing with pebbles at the Bains des Pâquis (Quai du Mont-Blanc 30, 1201 Geneva). You can also have lunch or a drink.

Indoor visits …
It is raining? It’s cold? Long story short, you are looking for an indoor activity?
Museum version
– Most museums are closed on Mondays (and not only in Geneva). One exception, however, is the Musée d’Histoire des Sciences (Parc de La Perle du Lac, Rue de Lausanne 128, 1202 Geneva), which is open on Mondays. But closed on Tuesday. Well. In this museum, thanks to Albertine, a little scholar, you’ll learn the use and origin of a lot of strange instruments … but very useful.
Geek version
– Still on the science side, you can also organize a visit to Cern (Route de Meyrin 385, 1217 Meyrin). “Microcosm”, a journey to discover CERN and its activities in Geneva, and the “Universe of Particle” exhibition will delight our small scientists.
Reptile version
– For animal lovers of all kinds, and in this specific case reptile type, amphibian or spider, we go to Vivarium Meyrin (Rue Cardinal-Journet 32a, 1217 Meyrin). Here you’ll find 200 animals of 50 different species. The place which celebrates its 25 birthday is perfect to observe all this fauna, certainly a bit scary, but so fascinating.

Many establishments are closed on Mondays in Geneva. But here are some cool places ​​if you want to avoid McDo (or if you’re a bit too lazy to cook).
Chicken version
– The classic chicken of Chez Ma Cousine (Place du Bourg de Four 6, 1204 Geneva or Rue Lissignol 5, 1201 Geneva or Chemin du Pt-Saconnex 2, 1209 Geneva) accompanied by its Provençal potatoes and garden salad is always a hit. And a chicken eaten with the fingers is even more fun!
Italian version
– Italian food lovers? The wonderful pizzas of the Luigia (Adrien-Lachenal Street 24a
1207 Geneva and Chemin de la Tourelle 2, 1209 Geneva) will delight little gourmets. Just thinking about it, I have my mouth watering …
Burger version
– And our favorite burgers made by Hamburger Foundation (Rue Philippe-Plantamour 37, 1201 Geneva and Rue Leschot 6, 1205 Geneva) are available on both sides of the lake 7 days a week. Such good news !

It’s already time to have a snack… Where do we go?
Carougeoise version
– Head to the Sardinian city, home to Wolfisberg bakery-pastry-shop (Place du Temple 5, 1227 Carouge) with its playroom adored by children.
Babyccino version
– Around Plainpalais, we also like Coutume (Boulevard Carl Vogt 80, 1205 Geneva). A small babyccino (the cappuccino’s kids version) is always fun.

A little further…
Vaudoise version
– We can also choose to go a little further. Zoo La Garenne is open every day of the week. Entirely redone recently, it is a real pleasure to walk there and be able to observe species of local fauna (wolves, lynx, bearded vultures, etc.) in a setting both wild and pleasant.
Nestlé Version
– In Vevey, Nest, the brand new Nestlé Museum, welcomes visitors on Mondays as well. We follow the life of Henri Nestlé, creator of the famous brand, through a fun and interactive journey.
Aerial version
– Finally, if you want to do some exercice, go to the Salève where you can have fun in the parcabout Filenvol. A walk in the trees on exotic and fun catamaran nets.

And you, what do you do on Mondays in Geneva? If you have ideas to share, do not hesitate to leave me a comment.

Have a happy Monday!


4 thoughts on “Monday in Geneva, the day everything is closed, except …

  1. Bonjour
    Suivant les quartiers ou communes il y a des ludothèques ouvertes comme par exemple celle de Plan-les-Ouates. Il a aussi ouvert depuis peu le café du Ravy également à Plan-les-Ouates avec une salle de jeux pour les enfants (sous la responsabilité des parents) et finalement des ateliers divers comme la bulle d’air ou autres organismes et surtout je vous propose ceux par l’Association Récrécréa pour les enfants entre 1et 4 ans (je suis la fondatrice), autour de la manipulation et la créativité d’objets issus de la récupération.
    Voilà mes suggestions que je connais mais je suis sûre que dans plusieurs communes il y a encore d’autres propositions. Moi aussi j’ai été maman du lundi 😜.
    Très bonne journée.
    Dany Micard

  2. Bonjour,
    avec ma puce de 2 ans, on aime bien aller au Cerf-Volant (Bld Carl-Vogt), espace de jeux intérieur de 0 à 4 ans, sous la responsabilité des parents, avec des professionnels à l’écoute sur place.
    🙂 Merci pour les idées!

    1. Merci fanny pour ton commentaire!
      Ah mais oui, le Cerf-Volant! C’est une idée de sortie géniale, je l’ajouterai 🙂
      A bientôt,

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