Let’s meet Alena and Sonia of Secondlifeshop.ch

So, officially, after checking our calendars, we can’t say it’s Winter yet. But still. It looks a lot like it to me. So, of course, we had to do our HUUUUUGE (yes, in capital letter cause it takes soooo much time) sorting of clothes. To finally realize that our little owl has grown up so much since last season. And that she didn’t much warm clothes left to wear.

This is at this precise moment that Alena, co-founder with her friend Sonia of Secondlifeshop.ch, contacted me. And I must say, that was very timely: Secondlifeshop.ch offers a premium selection of second-hand clothes for kids at very reasonable price. Through their website, you can find wonderful brands or sell the treasures hidden in you wardrobes.

This idea is so brilliant that I had to share it with you. Let’s meet Alena and Sonia!

Hi Alena and Sonia, nice meeting you! Could you please tell us a bit about yourself for those who don’t know you yet?
Hi Emilie, thank you for meeting with us, we are very excited to talk to Les petits Genevois!
Alena: I am from Czech republic and live here in Switzerland since 2006. I’m married and have two kids, girl 6 years old and boy 2 years. I spent 10 years in corporate finance before embarking on this adventure with my best and as-crazy-as-me friend.
Sonia: Born in London to Italian parents, i am mixture of British calmness and politeness with Italian crazy. I moved to Geneva 10 years ago with my job in finances and am married with 2 children. I love active sports and you might meet me in one of many of Geneva’s local Bootcamp classes.

You launched a few months ago secondlifeshop.ch. Could you tell us what it is & how you came up with this idea?
Alena: Yes, secondlifeshop.ch is a Swiss online shop specialised in buying and selling quality second-hand kids clothing and shoes.
The idea came to me in November 2016 when I was searching for winter clothes for Zoe and it was so painful and inefficient that I ended up buying new.
I started to think about this opportunity and asked Sonia to join forces. We launched on 1st April 2017 and we had a good laugh about it because it is the fools’ day!!

So, parents can both sell and buy clothes, accessories and even shoes on your shop. Can you tell us how it works?
Alena: Yes, except that currently we don’t offer accessories, maternity clothes or toys, but never say never!
We buy great quality pre-loved (often even new) clothes and shoes and then sell them in our online shop. It is simple and practical solution both for sellers and buyers. Sellers occur no costs, get rid of their items in bulk and receive their cash immediately. Buyers have a convenient way to shop nice selection in one place and have it delivered home. As the number of our sellers grows the offer we have gets wider.

How do you see the future of Secondlifeshop.ch? Can you tell us a bit about your plans?
Sonia: The next few years will see us expanding to a bigger team, bigger storage, and wider choice of items, as we will eventually take on more than just clothes and shoes. The hopes and aims for the business are high enough! We may take it further and have a shop where people can see the items and drop by for a look and buy directly, who knows, we may even open a proper secondlifeshop.ch department store in town. As they say “The world is our oyster!”

And last question, especially for Les petits Genevois: what are your favourite spots in Geneva?
Sonia: I really enjoy Luigia in Grand-Saconnex for family lunch and Mafalda for my coffee and authentic italian coffee and pastry
Alena: You will often find me alone or with my family in Le B d’Armand (between Malagnou and Florissant). Great place for coffee, lunch or brunch, with a terrace and playground, close to my house… what more to ask for ☺

Thanks so much Alena and Sonia for your answers!
Thank you Emilie!

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